Davenport Project

This kitchen remodel was more of a face lift instead of a complete remodel.

We took out the desk and cabinet and added an extra pantry.

Davenport before 1
Before – Built-In Desk Area
Davenport After 10
After – New Pantry!

Then we added new crown at the top of the cabinet and light molding to the bottom.

Before – Cabinets Without Molding


Davenport After 9
After – Cabinets with Molding


The ceiling was updated with new beams and cross beams.

Davenport before 6
Before – Plain Paneled Ceiling


After – Added Ceiling Beams


After – Added Ceiling Beams


Then the ceiling, trim and cabinets were all painted white. The pantries and lower cabinets all received new full extension pull out drawers.

Davenport before 2
Before – Open Cabinet


After – Custom Pull Drawers



Davenport before 3
Before – Open Cabinets


After – Custom Extension Pull Out Drawers

Simple, but amazing transformation.

Davenport After 8
After – Detailing Above Kitchen Window
Davenport before 4
Before – Breakfast Eating Area


After – Breakfast Eating Area

What a fun project, the Davenport house gave us some unique challenges!

Davenport After 11

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